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Colous have an immense effect on how we feel and how others perceive us. Wearing the right colours can help us to create a happier and uplifted mood while the wrong colours can have the opposite effect. Sometimes, due to certain reasons our wardrobe is full of neutrals like blacks, whites, greys or beige and we are scared to add any colour to it as we are not sure how the colour will look on us and how to combine different colours.
Colours can help you to create your own sense of Style that will express your personality and individuality.​

How Online Colour Consultation works?
1. Provide us with some of your personal details and fill a simple form​.

2. You will get to
​• Know your skin tone
• Know your best colours
• A list of your best colours and a personal colour book (PDF)
• A personal colour wallet can be ordered at an additional cost of SGD 25.00 + Shipping.

Email at nsur20@gmail.com for more details!​​​


​​​Price: SGD 40.00
Now at SGD 20.00 for limited time
Personal Colour Wallet at ​an additional cost of SGD 25.00 + Shipping.
Mode of Payment: Paypal

Results provided in 5-7 Days by E-mail

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