Discover the New and Better You...!
There is no way to be a Perfect Mom,
​But there are lots to be a Good One!
As Mums, we tend to neglect ourselves the most. With our changing bodies, responsibility of the new born child, we seldom get time to think about ourselves.
​These are few packages custom made for Mums taking into consideration the fact that they don't have much time.​

To-be Mom Package is for expecting mothers and will focus on-
  • ​How to look Comfortably Stylish with the Baby bump
  • Wardrobe Planning for now and post-delivery
  • Shopping for your Current and Future needs​​- your clothes, baby's clothes, baby items etc.
  • Advice on Where​ to Save and where to Splurge.
  • Personal Grooming Advice
  • Hair-style and Make up Advice.​​

Time Required
To-be-Mom Package: ​ 10 hours (3-4 sessions)
Rate: SGD 600​ for 10 hour package*

Mummy to Yummy Mummy Package: 12 hours (4-5                                                                                 sessions)​​
Rate: SGD 750 for 12 hour package*​

Both the packages can be customized as per your needs

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Mummy to Yummy Mummy Package is for Mothers and will focus on-
  • Dressing according to your new body shape and lifestyle to look and feel comfortable and stylish.
  • ​​Wardrobe Makeover
  • Personal Shopping for clothes and accessories, footwear and bags!
  • How not to ignore personal grooming.
  • Time Management and Love Yourself!​​​
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E-mail:​​ neha@mirrorimageandstyle.com