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Beauty comes in All Shapes & Sizes!
Everyone has a unique body shape and that also keeps on changing if we go through a body change like Weight Loss or Gain, Pregnancy, Ageing, Menopause etc. Even though each one of us will have a unique shape, the body shapes are categorized into few types. To understand the body shape becomes important in dressing up because then only you can create harmonious proportions and get the ideal shape (if you want) with dressing.
The idea of Style Coaching™​ is not to change your body shape (if you don't want) but to make you feel happy about what you are. 
Like our unique body shape, each one of us also have a unique Style which we adhere to while dressing up consciously or unconsciously.

Shape and Style Analysis will focus on-
  • ​Making you aware of different Body Shapes.​
  • ​Understanding your Body Shape​​​.
  • ​​Understanding your Style.
  • How to make most of What You Have. 
  • ​Recommendation for What to Wear and What Not based on your Shape & Style.
​​​Also Available
Shape, Style and Colour Package
Get a Personalized Style Sheet and a complete Style Guide based on your Body Shape and Personal Style

​SGD 100​ per session*

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