MIRROR IMAGE & STYLE is the brain child of a Fashion Designer, Image Consultant and Style Coach™- Neha Suradkar.
It is bas​ed on a new approach of Style Coaching™.

Discover the New and Better You...!
Style Coaching™ is the latest approach to Image Consultancy. It is holistic and works with the philosophy that you are more than just an image in the mirror - “looking good is only half the picture”! Style Coaching™ takes the starting point of appearance to help you to access your true potential and create an inner self-image that is shining with confidence! 

​Style Coaching™ guides you through the process of looking good and feeling great, step-by-step. Set goals around what you’d like to achieve and start to see a clear picture of the style - and life - you’d like to create. Style Coaching™ will help you to visualize the end result and then create a tailor-made Action Plan for making your dream a reality!

What is Style Coaching™?
Overview of Services
Throughout the Style Coaching™ experience you will learn how to recognize styles which will enhance your figure - no matter what your age, height or dress size! The Style Coach™ can help you to analyze and “declutter” your current wardrobe and to make the most of what you have and create a Shopping Plan which, in time, will help you to create a frustration-free, colourful and exciting wardrobe!

Style Coaching™ can help anyone to shop with confidence and enjoyment! You will learn how to save time and money by shopping with effectiveness and efficiency - no more expensive mistakes and a wardrobe full of guilt! Open the doors to a selection of outfits and accessories which help you to look and feel your best, no matter what the day holds in store!

Style Coaching™ offers endless possibilities and is always focused on YOU! Whether you are looking for a simple makeover for a special occasion or an inner and outer transformation, the Style Coach can tailor the range of services to suit your needs.​​
To Discover Your New and Better Self, Contact Neha Suradkar
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E-mail:​​ neha@mirrorimageandstyle.com

About Your Style Coach™ 
Neha Suradkar
Neha Suradkar, a Certified Style Coach™ and a Member of International Association of Style Coaches™ (MIASC), has a Post Graduate Degree in Fabric and Apparel Design. She has more than 5 years of teaching experience with Fashion Design students.
Always interested in looking good and helping others to look good as well found a great opportunity as a Style Coach™​ to help people to Look Good and Feel Great!

As a Style Coach™, Neha would like to work with Women and Men who desire a change in their Life, Appearance, Negative Self image and Beliefs. Being a Mother of a Toddler,​ she also wants to focus on New and Expecting Mothers, who due to their new responsibilities, tend to neglect themselves the most. To help the Moms about issues related to Motherhood and Personal Style, she started her blog Mom- the Diva (http:// momthediva.blogspot.sg). Along with the Career Women, who have to be their best all the time, she also wants to help the homemakers, which is another group of women who ignore themselves. She also specializes in Plus size dressing, being a Plus size herself, she can understand the complexities and the insecurities that the client must be facing.

As a Style Coach™, Neha will not develop your style and pick up clothes for you to wear, rather she will guide you through a process of Understanding your need and setting up the goals and helping you to achieve them in a timely manner. The focus will not be on making you a victim of Fashion, which is ever changing but to develop a Personal Style for you, which is timeless. Through out the process, your eyes will get trained to pick up the best for you and you can apply that knowledge later as well. She will also help in Developing your Positive Self Image,  ​​boost your Confidence and Self Esteem, Developing skills like Decluttering and Oganization and Time Management. 
The whole process will be very friendly and tailored to your needs and requirements and can take place anywhere you will feel comfortable!

Apart from Style Coaching™, blogging and looking after her son, Neha loves to Read, Travel, Surf the Internet, do Needlework and Paint!